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The purpose of CoinBuyingShop.com is to help you get money in your pocket, we will buy your old coins that are just collecting dust and give you cash you need. All you do is send in your old coins that are just collecting dust into our processing facility and we will send you the money you need within 24 hours.

Increased Performance
More Money In Your Pocket

During these times of economic trouble you can find assurance that you are getting the most money you can, after searching around the 25 closest coin and pawn shops we have made sure to pay you more than they are offering. Silver and gold prices are at the highest they've been in the last 30 years, now is the time to get cash for your old silver coins that are just sitting around.

Better Ideas
Get Cash Fast

We make it our pledge to get you the money you need as fast as possible. We promise to send out your money withen 24 hours we recieve your coins. And if you would like to recieve your money even faster we can transfer the money straight to your Paypal account.

Improved Security
Improved Security and Peace of Mind

You can feel secure in the fact that you will recieve the money you deserve because we show you the exact value of your coins that day. And with all the envelopes/packages insured there will be not questioning if we recieved our coins and you recieved your money.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make a quick, safe, and secure transaction that gets the most money in your pocket in the least amount of time.


Turning your coins into cash is as easy as sending in your old coins in an insured envelope / box to our shipping location. We will send out your money withen 24 hours that we recieve your shipment.

What We Offer:

Increased Performance
All Types Of Coins

Though we specialize in US silver coins, we will also accept other old US coins, including gold! On top of that, we also will recieve foreign coins and give the best price we can.

Better Ideas
Fast and Easy Transaction

Sending your coins in is safe, secure, and fast transaction, after we recieve your coins, we will appraise them and send you the money you need withen 24 hours.

A Little Bit About Us

CoinBuyingShop.com family run company that has been in the business of grading and buying silver coins since the late 90's. We pride ourselves in helping our customers by offering better prices for old coins than coin or pawn shops.

Contact Methods

Telephone: 123-456-7890
Email: email@emailus.com
Address: Anywhere Street, Anywhere


Every US silver coin you send has a definite value based on the current price of silver. This takes the guess work out of sending in coins, because we give you the real time value of each coin.Click on the images to view a larger preview of the website showcased.

May 5, 2009 -
Silver Price Per Ounce: 12.37

Here are some of the more popular coins we recieve:


All Non/Silver or International coins will be appraised when they are accepted to our processing facility. We will give you the best price that we can for these coins.

Some other coins include:

Indian Head Pennies
Proof Sets
Silver Bars And Rounds
Gold Bars And Rounds

Old Foreign Coins
Canadian Silver Coins


Contact Us

If you have any questions feel free to fill out the form and let us know what you think.


How To Send In Your Coins

- Make a list of what coins are enclosed. Keep one list for personal reference, and place one in with the coins.
- Your Paypal email address (if you want payment through paypal)
- Pack your items securely, and be sure that you insure your package.
- Mail your package to:

Coin Buying Shop
170 Boston Post Road, #110
Madison, CT 06443

Withen 24 after we recieve your package we will send out either a money order or money through paypal.
We will add the cost of shipping into the money we send you, that means shipping is free for you.
If you are not happy with the money you recieved, contact us withen 7 days and we will send back your coins for a refund of the payment.